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Spending your hard-earned money to pay income or business taxes sucks, and overpaying someone to tell you how much you owe or may have overpaid is worse.

"How can you know what you’re paying (or being quoted) compared to what others are being charged?

Here’s some good information. The National Society of Accountants asks its members about the fees they charge, and according to its 2016-2017 fee survey, the average fee to prepare and file a simple Form 1040 (with no itemized deductions) and a state tax return is $176. Add a Schedule A (itemized deductions) to that mix and the fee is $273.

The average fee for a Form 1040, Schedule A (itemized deductions), a Schedule C (profit or loss from business) and a state tax return is $457."

The full article by Ray Martin, Moneywatch, February 1, 2017 is available here.

We provide prosessional yet affordable individual and business services. Our prices are based on the forms required and the amount of information on those forms. Let us help you determine the most deductions you are allowed, so you pay less or get a bigger refund!



Home Office

Bottom Line is located in our historic home. We have a small office at the back of the house with a separate entrance. This allows us to provide excellent service with reduced cost, which translates to a lower price for you.


Open by appointment only.

We are available most hours, but we care for an older family member and may have to leave at random times.


Robert, our accountant, holds a Business Accounting degree from Wichita State University and a Masters of Business Administration from Southwestern. Robert also participates in the IRS Annual Filing Season Program.

Payroll Withholding for 2018

e-News for Tax Professionals

When will e-file for 2017 taxes begin?

e-News for Tax Professionals

Relief for Natural Disasters

e-News for Tax Professionals

Taxpayer Identification Numbers (ITINs) should submit their renewal applications as soon as possible. Failing to renew them by the end of the year will result in refund and processing delays in 2018.

e-News for Tax Professionals

Individual Income Tax

We are available year round.

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Business Income Tax

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Business Accounting

Our main focus is accounting for locally owned businesses, such as construction, specialty retail, and restaurants. We provide single services, such as payroll, or full service, depending on your needs. Please see details below for a description of all services offered.

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Prepare your own taxes

Are you comfortable doing your own taxes? You can use our professional software at reasonable prices.